Anna, Any Luck finding the puppy?

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Anna, Any Luck finding the puppy?
Mon, 03-31-2003 - 4:55pm
I hope you found it,but it was not your fault.Puppys dig holes all the time,mine has holes all in my backyard now.Well let us know the status of your missing puppy,hope she/he is o.k! Big hugs to ya!!!!!!


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Mon, 03-31-2003 - 6:04pm
No puppy yet. I have flyers all over the neighborhood. I have gone to the pound and humane society and i have walked this neighborhood all day long.

Another friend of ours is coming by this evening to walk the neighborhood as well. I so hope we find the puppy.

The puppy is all my friend has right now. Her husband is deployed and she has no kids. So the puppy was who kept her company at night and so on.

I called her this afternoon to let her know. And it just made me feel 100 times worse. She is wonderful though and very understanding. Now I just hope we can get the puppy back before she comes home.

Big Prayers if you could ladies.