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Another Newbit
Sun, 02-06-2011 - 8:58pm

Hi, I am new here. My hubsnad just left for the army and is in basic training. It's the first time we've been apart and I'll admit, I'm not coping so well. We just had a son and I have a supporting family, but I can't really talk to them about what I am going through and have them understand. I'm just looking for other army wives to be friends with and talk to =)

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Sun, 02-06-2011 - 9:26pm
Welcome to the boards! I'm Stacey and my DH is Rob. He's actually in the process of getting out of active duty Army and going into the reserves. I hope your DH's basic training goes well. Do you have any idea of where you will be going after he is done training yet?
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Mon, 02-07-2011 - 9:18am
Welcome to the board!

While no one can really understand what it's like until they've been through the same thing, give your family a chance. Your family knows you better than anyone and even if they can't understand the situation fully, they understand YOU and that's just as important!


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Mon, 02-07-2011 - 1:28pm

Hey I'm Dana.