E-J and others my update!!!!!1

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E-J and others my update!!!!!1
Sun, 04-13-2003 - 4:05pm
Hi everyone!

I dont think I have posted since the boards changed format!

We've been so busy preparing ourselves for our move, working and spending

as much family time together as possible. So as far as the move...we have

orders to Whiteman. Will be going the beginning of June. We're going to

house hunt next week. We got preapproved for a home loan and will be anxiously

hoping to find a place to call our own :) The kids are on spring break and

we thought it was a good time to start looking!

My work now knows I am leaving. Sharing that was very hard. I love my job

and cannot believe I have to leave my work family soon. I'm working until a

week prior to our move. I hope to find a day position when we move, but will

be a SAHM for the first month or so.

The kids are growing and doing well. Ryan my oldest got his first belt in karate

a couple weeks ago. He was very excited. He's also getting his braces off soon,

so for him thats a plus..LOL Mike and Jessica are doing great! All 3 of the kids

are having a little struggle with us moving. I hope and pray they can find new

friends and like our new base as much as we like this one.

I'm so excited to be stationed with another wife from this board!! SO Emma-Jayne

give me an email this week and I will let you know where we are staying! I hope

we get a chance to meet!!!

I hope you each are doing well. I honestly dont frequent the boards often since

the change over. The college board I CL has all but died and I also lost my co-CL...sigh

My prayers are with you, your families and spouses.

God Bless you each!


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Sun, 04-13-2003 - 4:48pm
Hey lady, I was just thinking about you today!

I'll email you today and get the info.