Four weeks and a few days to go!!!!!!!!!

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Four weeks and a few days to go!!!!!!!!!
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 8:39am
My days of being a pseudo military wife will soon be coming to a halt. For those of you who do not know name is Gina and I am from IN. I am twenty and my husband is twenty seven. My DH will be graduating from WOCS in approx. five weeks. I will be moving to Ft. Rucker, AL. My DH just reenlisted a few months ago, so I have no experience with the military wife whatsoever. If anyone has any advice for me about moving, being a military wife, anything, feel free...thanks!


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 8:50am
Well I'll bet he's going to fly copters! Actually a friend of mine was just there for a year and a half. She loved the area and liked living on base. They are now stationed in KY and enjoy that as well.

Moving...hmmmm well expect the unexpected and things will go wrong. Take it as it comes and tackle one issue at a time.

Being a military wife requires patience, patience and more patience! Learning to go with the flow and take it one day at a time is a great way. I'd take an AFTB course upon arriving in Alabama. It'll help get your feet wet. You can get schedules from ACS. I know it is offered on line as well but I don't have that link handy!

Good luck! and Welcome


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 10:18am
Hi Gina - we chatted a little bit in a impromptu chat a couple of days ago.

My name is Janelle and I am still pretty new to the military (we have been in about a year and a half). I told you that I have a friend that just moved to Rucker. If you have any questions about Rucker I can either ask her for you or I can see if she is willing to swap email addresses with you. Let me know.

Welcome to the world of Military Wives!

Janelle (Army wife & SAHM to 3)