Happy Dance, Happy Dance!

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Happy Dance, Happy Dance!
Sat, 12-18-2010 - 10:21am

I didn't make a big deal of it on here because it's not a big deal but DH has been in Arizona since October 20th for some training.

After missing Halloween, Thanksgiving, and his birthday together, he is FINALLY coming home today and we get 4 glorious days together before I fly to South Dakota for Christmas!!

He comes in late tonight but we are hoping he can jump on some earlier flights and make it back sooner!



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Sat, 12-18-2010 - 11:25am
YAY!!!!! Enjoy your time together!

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Sat, 12-18-2010 - 11:26am
Oh yay!! That is awesome news, you must be missing him like crazy!! Glad you guys get to spend some time together:)

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Sat, 12-18-2010 - 11:31am
Fantastic!!! Enjoy your time together!
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Sat, 12-18-2010 - 11:32am

Yay!! I'm glad he's coming home and I hope he can get in early.

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Sat, 12-18-2010 - 11:36am
Yay for him coming home and you guys getting some time together. I hope he is able to get on an earlier flight.