Happy, Happy Monday, y'all! Loves!!!

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Happy, Happy Monday, y'all! Loves!!!
Mon, 04-07-2003 - 8:04am
Well, it's another Monday, whoo hoo, another start to the 6 day workout week....whew! so....that means upper body today! Wheeeee!!! plus, I've got some stuff from magazines that I subscribe to, to do at home in front of the TV while the kids are away!

the kids are doing great, I'm okie dokie, heehee! Jasmine has to study hard (taekwondo) this week, so that she might earn her stripes on her white belt and be able to test for her yellow belt this Sat, so if ya got a few to spare, cross your fingers for her, please!

today's calendar quote:

Smile and make your own sunshine! ~anonymous

well, considering that it is POURING down rain here, today AND the rest of this week....I had better get cracking on making my own 'shine!

On another note, I joined the Flylady last night, to try and maybe organize things a bit, ya know....and wow, she floods the mailbox! LOL! whoo hoo!

Hope you all have a beautiful Monday! I love you all and will catch up to ya later!



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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 8:56am
It's snowing here so I need to make my own sunshine as well! Dang winter weather after spring lol

I hope you have a great work out this week! I'll be going tomorrow since I don't have a clue what time my friend is coming to retrieve her son!



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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 11:30am
Whoo hoo, Rose! and thanks for the well wishes! It's a pretty good quote, eh? And boy, has my mailbox been inundated with messages from flylady, but that's cool! I NEED the help! LOL!

Love ya,

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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 11:48am
Hi ya Chris!

Glad to hear that things are going good for you. Crossing my fingers for Jas! And I guess I need to make my own sunsine as well! lol It's cloudy and rainy outside! Gotta love spring! lol

As for all the msgs you get from Flylady, just remember that once you know what all the reminders are for you can just delete. I don't even read them anymore. I mainly look for the testimonials and her "God Breezes", as she calls them! lol They are very motivating! Also, once you get your routines established and get rid of all the clutter it will be much easier. Believe me! lol And when you do surround yourself with things that you love, life is so much happier. When times get tough and you just feel like you can't do it anymore, just remember "babysteps" and "You can do anything for 15mins". If you ever feel frustrated with it feel free to email me.

Hope you have a great day!

Lots of love and hugs.


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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 12:37pm
Hi Chris,

Glad to see you and the family are doing good today! love your quote! HUGS ! Vera :)

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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 2:57pm
You are amazing!! Such energy!! Can you pass some along to me?? LOL!! Just wanted to say that you truly inspire me. Hugs and SMILES!!

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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 3:12pm
Sounds like that quote fits you to a 'T'. You're always so positive, no matter what!

Definitely sending some good luck for the Tae Kwon Doe (Did I spell that right?) test!

:) Melissa

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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 3:47pm
Happy Monday to you too Chris. Have fun at the gym and I hope Jas gets her yellow belt. That would be so cool. lol

I'm trying to make my own sunshine but I'm telling you it is still a little overcast in my world. lol Hope to see you online tonight.

I love you Chris!!!



PS....who is the Flylady?