having a hard time manevering thru ..*M*

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having a hard time manevering thru ..*M*
Fri, 03-28-2003 - 12:45am
this board, I don't feel like it was as warm and welcoming as the old one. I'm finding myself posting less, and less because it's to confusing. The last thing I needed right now was change. Sorry I'm having a boo-hoo moment. I'm so worried about whats going on, but to the outside world I put on this front like everythings find and dandy, while inside I'm torn up. I'm trying so hard to keep moving forward. The days keep on getting longer, and longer. I've only spent a week with my husband, before he left for overseas, so I spent all the family, and lovey dovey holidays by myself. And then comes his time for re -enlistment should he stay or go. He only has a year left. Some days he wants to stay, some days he would quit that day if he could. I'm torn right down the middle on this one, because I don't want him to be unhappy, but at the same time we aren't off on our own two(four) feet yet. GRRRRRRR! Thanks for listening. Katie
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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 10:46am
Aww, Katie we are in the same boat on this one! The board has thrown me a bit too but I'm trying to see it as a challenge and something to keep me busy. Sad, I know but what can ya do? LOL

My DH just re-enlisted and although it wasn't my decision to make in three years we will be facing the same choice again. Right now I'm not so keen about him staying in the military but honestly it is what he loves to do and I could neve take that away from him. I understand the quandry you are in though.

Sorry you are feeling so alone right now. I'm feeling the same way. I know it will get better given time but it is going to be rough.

Hugs Katie, I'm thinking of you.


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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 1:01pm
Hi Katie,

Just want to offer you hugs. I know it will take sometime to get used to the board, and I felt that way yesterday, however, I'm navigating around the board like I've been doing it awhile.

So sorry you are having a rough time. I just want you to know that I'm thinking of you and try and take care of yourself. Take a bath or just sit in peace and quiet for a few minutes. It will rejuvinate you.



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