Hey Ladies been MIA last few days *m*

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Hey Ladies been MIA last few days *m*
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 5:04pm
I went to the m/w on monday and had my membranes stripped, and went in tuesday and had made it to 4cm. Well they put me in the hospital and I progressed slowly but my m/w never came back to see me and the dr on call sent me home because she said she wouldn't break my water untill Wendsday. So I go back for another appointment tomorrow morning with the m/w and I am hopeing that I am at 6cm by then that way I progressed another cm. I got a sleeping pill on Tuesday after I left the hospital and stayed at a friends house with the kids, and that was about the last time I slept!! I am SO tired!! They did an u/s and at 37 weeks baby is about 7 1/2 pounds but my other two were over 9lb each so a big baby isn't going to be a suprise. I started bleeding yesterday, but they said it was me losing my mucas plug, but that happenend a few weeks ago! Yesterday they told me if you lose it early you grow another one???I thought that was a bit strange. So hopefully I am at 6 tomorrow, and they will get this baby out of me!!! My only friend here leaves Saturday morning for Florida untill Tuesday night, so it will just be me and the kids here with no one else I realy know to help me out if I have this baby. So looks like if that happends dd and ds will be in the delivery room with me as my "coach!" MIL is three hours away so it depends on how long it takes her to get here.

Hope everyone is well, lots of P&PT coming your way and I will update you when I can!!

Amanda wife to Chris USCG mom to Skylar(4)Mason(2.5) and Adrianna(ANYTIME NOW BABY!!!)

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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 6:53pm
Thanks for the update! I was praying that you had popped her out since you've been MIA! Is there anyway your MIL can go ahead and come down to help out taking care of the others so you can rest before you go to push her out! We are all praying for you and sending you lots of *quick* *easy* *under 9 pounds* baby vibes! Please keep us posted!!!!


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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 7:36pm
Poor Manda!

I'm so sorry! Sure hope the blessed event happens while the friend is still in town! On another note, when I had my membranes stripped for the 2nd child, I was pushing her out in less than 36 hours!! I sure hope it goes well for you, as far as having someone there with you!