Hey Ladies, sorry to be MIA, I just h...

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Hey Ladies, sorry to be MIA, I just h...
Tue, 03-25-2003 - 10:43pm

Hey Ladies, sorry to be MIA, I just had house guests leave after a week (m)

Ahhhhhhhhhh....it is so quiet in this house I could die. I have 2 little ones, she has 2 little ones, four little ones all under the age of 4, and well you can imagine.

OK deep breath. I am sitting here waiting for the DH to call per scheduled, but I dont see it happening. Maybe he'll call tomorrow.

I am in a bit of a funk, I have no energy to do anything, I want to sleep all the time, which is so unlike me. I know it's the war, and house guests, and worry about my neck, and my move, it's all a bit too much. I am sure there alot of you out there who know the feeling. Plus I heard my DH will not be returning until after the war is over, and even though that's expected, we dont know anything, and that is killing me. He was due home in less than a month and half from now, and now the end is nowhere to be seen.

So I went to the Dr. today and found out from that discography (thanks for all your well wishes on that one) that not only is one of my discs herniated, it's literally torn. Crap, so that's why I have so much pain. I am having surgery here shortly and they are going to replace the disc. I'll update more when I know more.

Sorry to vent on you guys, I am just so blue (and no, I am not focusing too much on the news, heck I dont even have cable) and miss the DH so much, I dont know I am just overwhelmed.

KC Proud Navy Wife, and mom to 2