I am still alive, barely...

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I am still alive, barely...
Sat, 04-05-2003 - 10:48pm
LOL. I have not posted in a while although I have been reading the posts about every day.And i must warn you, this is really long and unimportant. i just want to talk about something so i figured you might not want to know, so u do not have to read if u do not want to know.hehe First of all, I want to express my deepest sympathies to Tracy and her family. I am really sorry for your loss, Tracy and I am praying for you through this hard time.

Well, as a few of you know, I got in a minor car accident about 3 weeks ago. Well, i was at fault but there was minimal damage and no injuries; until my insurance called me and informed me that the other party decided that they got hurt. LOL So my insurance is paying them and of course my rates are going to skyrocket so that really sucks. i just hope and pray that this is the end of it and they do not try to sue me because they are not going to get much if they do. And I really do not need that added stress right now. Noone needs that.

Anyways, well, prom season is upon us and it is killing me!!! I work at a tuxedo store and it is slamming at this time of year. It is not fun at all. All these kids pulling me every which way and wanting to change the color of their vests, get something ironed, and who knows what else. We get some crazy things. Today i had a young man come in and wanted a different style shoe then he complained that the ones i gave him were dirty!! what the heck, they are white shoes and they are not brand new. i mean come on, it is a rental. and it is not your wedding, it is your PROM!! oh the things i would say to these people if i could do it without losing my job. LOL

I had 2 days off of work (wednesday and thursday) and i got so much done. it was great. i had to get rid of some stress, so i went to the mall wednesday and spoiled myslef a bit then i went home and payed bills. somedays you have to do that. i have not had a fun day in quite awhile so i treated myself. and i found some awesome deals. i bought a nice pair of black dress pants, 2 shirts, a pair of shoes, AND a little surprise for DH from Fredericks. and i spent a grand total of 58 dollars!! i am the most thrifty shopper i know. i spot the deals..lol On thursday, i got a lot cleaned up in my house and unpacked some stuff that has been sitting in boxes screaming my name for about 4 months..hehe that feels good to have that out of my way. I tried to go get a new driver license but i went all teh way down to the beach and waited in line for an hour then i was conveniently told that i needed my marriage certificate because a social security card was not legal(????? how is that not legal???) all i knew was that i needed my AL DL and my SS card. so needless to say, i was a little unhappy. i will try again next week i guess. my current DL expires on 4/15, so i hope it worksd this week.

i also went to Wally World and bought stuff that i wanted. it felt great. lol I also got to talk to Charles for an hour and a half on the phone. talk about an awesome 2 days. i was in such a good mood.

anyways, i am about to quit boring you guys with my boring life. Just one more thing though, DH is coming home for a 2 week visit on april 28th!!! i am so excited i cannot stand it. i feel so lucky that i get to see him during the middle of his deployment. i guess the navy feels as if they owe them because they are doing a crappy job right now that no one else likes.

ok, well i am going to end this never ending post that really said a whole bunch of nothing. LOL

i will not be around too much during the next 5 weeks because of prom. heck, i might as well just live at work since i will be there so much..LOL

I will try to post more of my "exciting life" if i have the time. i will talk to you girls soon and i hope you all are doing really awesome and staying unstressed. if u feel yourself gettign stressed, get a pedicure or something to spoil yourself. we deal with a lot, and we totally deserve it.

I keep all of you and your families in my prayers. =) oh and welcome to all the new girls! i hope to get to know you all better. LOVE~Stacey