I'm frustrated with pay...(m)

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I'm frustrated with pay...(m)
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 2:40pm
I'm getting frustrated with navy payroll...I hate not knowing exactly what DH's pay will be each paycheck. He's on a sub, so there's base pay, BAH, sea pay, sub pay, etc. And when he's in off-crew (the boat is out with the other crew for a few months) he gets about $250 for BAS. Then when the boat gets back we lose that completely, but after he's gone 30 days they'll compensate $100 for each 30 days he's gone. And then this summer he goes over 4 years of sub duty and gets a raise so it'll all change again.

I'm trying to pay off our huge debt and get lots of savings going, so I want to set aside money ahead of time for stuff, but it keeps changing.

Sorry, I'm just frustrated...

Thanks for the vent.