Just a few ramblings from me...

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Just a few ramblings from me...
Tue, 04-15-2003 - 10:55am
I haven't really been posting much here lately since not a lot has been going on. I haven't heard any more from my dh since last Friday. I know he's ok though, since other wives have been hearing from their men. They are still at a base over there. But in a few days they are going 'in'. Man! Some of the wives here are just freaking out! lol They are all sad and depressed. I'm like, 'Ok...they're gone. At last! Now suck it up and lets count down the days until they return.' All of the wives will hate me by the time this is over. lol

I'm closing on the land I sold today! Yah! I'll have a check in my hand by this evening. The first thing I'm doing tomorrow is paying off ALL of our debt! That will be the greatest feeling ever! hehee

I worked in the yard by myself yesterday. I got it all done! I felt like such an adult. lol I even started getting the flower beds in 'order'. Next week I think I'll start painting on my outside storage building. Well...you girls said to keep busy! lol

My neighbors' cat had kittens about two weeks ago. I had told my son that we could get one. (My dh hates cats, but since he's gone, what the heck? lol) We went up there last night to see them and they are so cute! I'm getting the orange one...and guess what? My son talked me into letting him get one too! So in a few weeks, I'm going to have two kittens running around here! I can't wait! heehee (I've loved cats ever since I was a kid!)

Well, I guess I've bored you girls to death...So I guess I'll get going. It's another beautiful day here in the South. I hope all of you wonderful ladies are hanging in there. Take care everyone!


Jami~Proud Ng wife

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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 11:15am
They won't hate you Jami, they'll appreciate someone pushing them to remain strong. Many get ticked off at me because I am one of the ones that has to make the best out of a situation instead of wallowing. Doesn't mean I don't wallow but I don't lay there for long lol

Congrats on the kittens! I love cats myself and dogs!

hugs Jami and I hope you hear from your dh soon!


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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 12:57pm
Ummm... you DO know that those cats will still be around when your DH comes home, right? LOL. I would FREAK OUT if my DH got a cat without asking me first. I despise cats. Ugh, that word isn't even strong enough. I just hate them so much. (Plus, I'm allergic to them, which is FINE with me! LOL)

You certainly ARE keeping busy. That's GREAT!

Hopefully, your positive attitude will rub off on the other wives in your DH's unit. You're so right about planning for when they come home. Now that they're gone, you can have a little relief knowing that you'll be able to get on with your life at some point in the not too distant future.

Oh, and you're allowed to take breaks in between major projects. LOL.

It's good to see you.

:) Melissa

P.S. Do you still love me even though I'm a card carrying cat hater? ;)

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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 1:09pm
Jami, I'm so glad things are going well. I feel much the same as you know. I was traumatized by the predeployment stuff but now that he is gone it is all out of my hands and I'm focusing on getting on with things while he is gone. I just wish I had better weather so I could get cracking on my yard too. lol

It is very cool you are getting two kitties. You must post a pic of them. It is like any new additon to the family...they must be bragged about! lol

I've been notified that DH is over there and going in within the next week or so. I just want the year to pass by as quickly as possible.

Huge hugs and I'm so happy you are holding things together so well,


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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 1:40pm
Melissa---I'm allergic to cats & just cannot stand them too---come over here & sit with Liberty & I. . .she's very sweet & loves to have her tummy rubbed!!
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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 2:39pm
Great to hear such a positve update, Jami! You sound GREAT! The closing, the yard work, new kittens. And not to mention getting debt FREE! Whoo hoo!

I'm SO proud of you, darlin'!

Huge hugs, Jill

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