Just wanted to introduce myself

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Just wanted to introduce myself
Fri, 04-11-2003 - 6:02pm

Just got the website address from my friend Susan (ms_suzzyq). She suggested that I check it out and would find it helpful and a great support system.

I am new to being a military wife, we have been married since the end of October. And also new to living together. We were both over in Korea, him at Camp Casey and I was teaching English in Seoul. Fell madly in love and got married over there. So now have just finished setting up house in Colorado at Fort Carson (arrived beginning of March) and yesterday had to say goodbye as he heads over to Kuwait. I am happy that we did manage to have some time together before he had to go, but am frustrated that it wasn't long enough.

I got lucky and moved next to a very nice family who have been a great support. My neighbours' husband left this past weekend. It seems like most of the husbands in our neighbourhood have gone already. Some new people have moved in around us and left just days later.

Unfortunately I feel a bit deserted here. New to the area, not knowing anyone and being stranded as I never learned how to drive! My neighbour has been great and will continue to call me when she is going shopping so that I can tag along. Thankfully I have a bike, rollerblades and my own two feet to get me around. I am glad that we found a place on post so that I am close to things.

Well... I seem to be rambling.

I look forward to viewing this website and chatting with everyone. This is a great site to be a part of.



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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 6:37pm
Just wanted to say welcome to the board! You will find lots of support here. A lot of us are going through the same feelings and emotions right now.

I'm Charady, sahm to two dd's. DH is deployed. And we're just waiting for housing before we move down to where Dh was staioned before he deployed. I live close to family right now.

Hope to see you around here!

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 9:46pm
Welcome to the board, I hope you post often. Well I am tired tonight and I am turning in but I know where you are coming from. DH has been gone for a while. If you want someone to visit with I am here a lot. you can find me on yahoo as sks_qtpie, msn as liljaybugsmom, and aim as liljaybugsmom and that goes for all, if you want to chat just let me know.


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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 9:47pm
Welcome Tania!

We met our DHs under similar circumstances. I met my husband while I was teaching in Germany. (I worked for the DoD though.)

Welcome to the board!

:) Melissa, army wife in TX

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 11:07pm
Welcome to the board, Tania. I'm glad that you found the board. It is a great place to 'hang-out' and meet some great friends. I am a Navy wife (for almost 9 years now) and I am a full-time student working on my degree in Biology (I'll graduate in August). We don't have any young 'uns yet, but we've been trying for almost 2 months now, so hopefully soon! :)

I hope to see you around often.

Keri - Navy wife in Texas


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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 11:35pm
Hey you, did you get my post for you under your reply to me? I'm so grateful for everything you have done for me. I'm glad you decided to join the board. I have met some amazing people here and they are truly friends even if I've never met them.

Thank you for taking such good care of DH. I can't wait until we are together in CO. It will feel better knowing we are facing this together and not by ourselves.

Hugs Tania,


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Sat, 04-12-2003 - 5:40pm
Welcome, Tania! Great to have you here! We love our Susan - and it sounds like she sent along our site address just when you'd want it most!

{{{Speedy and safe return}}} vibes to your DH. Hope you come by often so we can get to know you better! Jump right in and join the fun! :)

Hugs, Jill - Coast Guard wife in MI (soon to be moving to VA)

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Sat, 04-12-2003 - 8:47pm
Hi There!

I'm Liz, married to John (USN) and mom to Zachary (6 weeks). With my DH deplyoed and a newborn (no matter how easy he is) I don't often have time to read the board, much less respond to posts, these days, but I wanted to let you know that you're not alone. My DH and I got married last May. He was deployed 7 months of our 12-month engagement and returned just 6 weeks before our wedding. We had a total of 3 months together before he started workups (mini deployments to prepare for the big 6-monther), where he'd be gone a week or two a month. In January, he deployed again...this time, 8 months ahead of schedule. At the end of February we had our son, Zachary. I, too, feel that we didn't have enough time together before he left again. However, I am proud of what my DH does and wouldn't want it any other way. We have used these deployments to develop an even deeper relationship...I know that sounds odd, but we have truely learned how to communicate well with one another. When all you've got is care packages, e-mail, letters and occassional phone calls...we have really learned how to communicate since communications are rare and there isn't time for beating around the bush or not saying exactly what we mean.

Anyway,that's my story.I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. If you ever want to "talk" with someone, feel free to e-mail me:)



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Sat, 04-12-2003 - 10:17pm
hello tania,

welcome to the board i have only been here a short while myself, but the ladies here are wonderful and understanding. i don`t have any friends or family here. the friend i had left when her hubby got orders so anyway my dh left colorado last week, sunday. i have not heard from him yet hopefully soon. if you need to talk or anything my email is rececup4527@yahoo.com it is nice to see someone who lives so close to me .by the way i can barely drive myself i got in a few car accidents early in life and developed major driving phobias now that dh is gone i have to get around here so i am managing

well take care


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Sun, 04-13-2003 - 1:23pm
Welcome to the group! Congrats on becoming a Military wife as well!

Hope you enjoy it here!

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Sun, 04-13-2003 - 4:54pm
Nice to meet you Tania, I'm and infrequent visitor but I love this board.

Before I started work I would be on the board all the time! Life just seems to get in the way. My DH is deployed also right now, almost a month now. I'm grinning and bearing it! LOL!

I'm Emma-Jayne (E-J), 26 AF Wife in MO and Mum to Brandi, 7.