Lets give us all time to adjust, ok?

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Lets give us all time to adjust, ok?
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 8:20pm
Lets all give each other time to get used to this new board... I've been trying to read as much of it as I can and it makes me sad to read that some are considering not coming back...

lets remember that the board is what we make of it... and those who post are what matters here, and you all post here, this is a community, lets not bail out... lets stick together...

yes, it may take a little more time to read it all, and we have to click a few times more than we would like to... but please remember this has been on for only a couple of days, and our CL's are trying to improve it as we speak...lets give them a break and some time to make it easier and nicer looking (if possible...)

Meanwhile, lets focus on the positive which is what this board is famous for, being positive and offering support to each other.

You are all incredibly talented women and your insights are so greatly appreciated by all of us, please lets breathe in, breathe out, and then be patient trying to master this new board format we have.

Have a great end of the week!!!

and keep on coming...

March, Navy wife to Brian
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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 8:28pm
awwww, March! Thanks so much for the vote of confidence! I totally agree, by the way....and to those who are considering leaving, I truly hope that you reconsider, if not, than I truly hope that you find another place of support.