Mad about anti-war message... m

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Mad about anti-war message... m
Tue, 04-08-2003 - 12:40pm
Hey Ladies,

That little website I made has been visited by many, many people in the past few days. All of the feedback has been good so far. Then I checked the guestbook and some coward had filled it with anti-war rhetoric. This individual quoted historical figures and didn't sign with their name, however. They left an email address that is "". I was so mad I emailed him/her this letter:

To Whom it May Concern,

It is interesting that you have the nerve to visit my webpage and sign our guestbook with anti-war rhetoric, yet are too cowardly to sign this entry with your name.

I respect your views; I repect your right to express your views even more. Think about it though, nobody opposes war more than a soldier--- they stand to lose the most. It it these very people who protect your everyday liberties, yet on a day-to-day basis you completely ignore them. They ask for pay raises to keep their families out of poverty, and yet a very high percentage of our military qualify for food stamps. America, our wonderful nation, owes a great deal to the military, both past and present. In wartime though, you stand up and notice--- yet you protest against them. How ungrateful. Your behavior is like that of a spoiled child who has everything a person could ask for, yet always whines for more.

Instead of hiding behind your "turntogod" email address, why not stand up and show your face? Opinions shouted from a dark closet are rarely heard. Stand forth, and face the debate. Clearly you are unable to express yourself effectively anyhow, otherwise you wouldn't have simply quoted others in your post.

Lastly, turning this war into a religous opportunity is deplorable. This war isn't about religion, despite what your friends in Iraq like to propogate to the citizens. It's people like you who fuel the fire Saddam has created.

With pride I sign my name,


OK, now I respect that everyone has differing viewpoints, but I just found this guestbook entry to be downright disrespectful. Naturally, I erased the guestbook entry and prohibited anyone from that computer from signing it again.

Thanks for letting me blow off some steam, I feel better already!!

Take care,


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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 12:58pm

The ignorant are oblivious to people's feelings. This idiot gets off by hurting others. Pay him/her/they/it no attention. If a post like that shows up again, delete it, then ignore it.

I understand your frustrations, some idiots think that freedom of speech = freedom to insult.

The best way to deal with cowards is to ignore them, they thrive on attention.

I love your Web page, what a great idea.


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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 1:07pm
Hi Amy,

I completely agree with Stacey. I know that not everyone has the same views and I respect that, however, some people just fill the need that they have to let EVERYONE know their opinions. It's irritating! Anyhow, awesome email. It was so well worded. I hope it makes that person stop and think about it. Of course, I can only hope it does.

Take care and just try to ignore the "bad apples" as much as you can.

Lots of love and hugs, Michelle.

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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 1:24pm
Yikes that would make me mad too!!! I am glad you deleted it and put that person on ignore.
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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 2:53pm
((AMY)) Sorry to hear about the anti-war message. I know I'm getting SICK of them as well!

That was the first time I saw your webpage! Did you create it? how did you get started? I am interested in doing the same for my DH when he gets there. Unfortunately, my Dh is on his way and he'll be there during the "120 - 130 degree heat" during the summer. OUCH!

Anyways, any info on how you started it would interest me. My e-mail is

I signed the webpage, also.

~Kat, Proud Army NG Wife and mom of 3

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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 2:59pm
Just wanted to say Woo Hoo! That response was well written, to the point & effective without being rude & ugly! I think you were right to stand up for what you believe in! I, for one attract all the idiots who want to debate the war, so it's very nice to see someone else standing up to these people!


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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 3:11pm
AMEN Amy! That was really shallow and in poor taste of that person! Great letter!


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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 3:18pm
Broavo, well done. I really like how you called this idiot friends of the people in Iraq. Maybe that will make him stop and think. I would have done the same thing only I don't think I would have been as nice about it, although your way is probably better because it shows him that we are mature and don't hide behind other peoples words and anomity. Again, well said! *HUGS*

Cameron Proud Army Wife

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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 4:19pm

Your letter was great. I couldn't agree with you more. That's what people just don't understand... no one hates war more than the soldier does. Sheesh.

I'm glad you posted today. I wanted to talk to you about the care package. I went to the commissary and bought a bunch of stuff, but I don't want to mail it until the soldier knows my name and that it's coming. I have Ruloph, if that helps. My last name is part of the e-mail address I wrote you with. Packages are getting sent back if the soldier doesn't recognize the name in the return address space. I'd hate for that to happen.

Three cheers to you on a GREAT letter!

:) melissa