My husbands first deployment.

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My husbands first deployment.
Wed, 11-30-2011 - 1:59am

Hi ladies!

My husband left in February, well we got married the DAY BEFORE he deployed! He's been gone now for almost 10 months, and I frankly am going insane. I feel depressed, I'm having anxiety attacks and I'm just not feeling well. I guess I just would like some words of encouragement and maybe hear some other stories regarding this kind of situation!

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Thu, 12-08-2011 - 9:52am
I agree with the others that it's best to keep yourself busy. The last few months were hard for me just because of the anticipation of homecoming. I hope you don't have much longer until he gets home and that things get better for you soon. You've already made it through a lot of it, so I'm sure you can make it through the rest! Keep hanging in there!
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Wed, 12-07-2011 - 1:01pm
Sounds like you need to channel that energy! And you have a lot of options there - you could go for a walk or a run (how thrilled would he be to come home and see his new wife is even hotter than when he left?!), go through your closets and get rid of stuff you don't need, bake him cookies, clip out an article or pick out a book to send him.... or maybe just something little, like take pictures of some of the small changes that have happened since he left. Here's that candle set my sister got me for my birthday.... and I told you I painted the bedroom, here's pictures of that.... etc. I think if I was him I'd want to have as few "surprises" as possible when he gets home - he'll want to focus on you, after all!

Keep in mind the worst part is over, by FAR. All you have to do is focus on pushing through the last few months. You could join a club (book club, knitting, whatever your thing is) or try to round up a few girlfriends to get out a couple nights a week. Maybe you want to become a better cook by the time he gets back? You could practice up on that - books, recipe attempts, and you could take pics to show him, too. Or maybe you want to redo a wall in the living room, or train the dog to roll over, or whatever. Focus on little accomplishments to give you a goal to work towards. It'll help pass the time. :)

And hey, congrats on your new marriage!
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Wed, 11-30-2011 - 10:41am

I've heard from a lot of the ladies here (and my SIL) that it's best to try and keep yourself busy and make it from day to day. Do you have any friends or family near you? How long is his deployment?