New to this!

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New to this!
Thu, 01-20-2011 - 9:04pm

Moved to Fort Huachuca back in August and still no friends! I am going crazy with it just being my husband and two kids! I love them to death but good grief I need some kind of social life! LOL... Anyone having the same issue?

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Thu, 01-20-2011 - 11:12pm
I just moved away from Huachuca in August and I really miss it! How do you like it there?

I don't know how old your kids are but I know they always had a lot of things going on for kids on post while I was there. Maybe you could meet some people that way? I'd check out the Fort Huachuca MWR page and see what they have to offer. Otherwise, it's always worth it to give the FRG a chance! Good luck!


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Fri, 01-21-2011 - 10:02am
Welcome to the boards. I've never been at Huachuca, but I remember what it's like to move somewhere new and trying to meet people. I'd say it took me about 4-6 months or so to get settled when we got here (Ft. Riley) and to really start meeting people. I think it takes some time for yourself to get adjusted to the new area and new routine before you are really ready to start meeting people (at least it does for me).

Amy gave you some great suggestions. I'm not sure what the weather is like there, but I know here, the colder weather seems to make more people hide and it's definitely easier to get to know people (especially your neighbors) when its nicer out.

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Sat, 01-22-2011 - 4:11pm

I hope that things get better for you we live at Fort Huachuca for 10 years ( fort we got you as we liked to call it)