News on getting back in to the air force

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News on getting back in to the air force
Tue, 04-01-2003 - 6:10pm
for those of you that know about this here's an update. . . dh talked to army guys they are looking for another dd 214 paper or an amendment to his existing 214 the army guy who was a ranger and I was so excited cause i have never met a ranger before lol. said his papers just don't match up. Soooooooooooooo they are looking for another which may take a lot less time than waiting for the reentry code to be changed. So dh now has two choices instead of one. if the air force will take him back without any bullcrap which the air force is famous for. they are quite anal lol. then he will go back there. If not he is going into the army, he would have to do basic again then do schooling, so by november or sooner of this year we will be back in the military.............woohoo.............If he goes in the army he wants to do medical or military police. If back in the air force he'll go back to being a b-52 mechanic in charge of phase inspections. So we are still up in the air but getting much closer and i'm so glad because dh is getting very ancy. He's driving me nuts lol. I just want him to get what he wants he went in to make a career out of the military and it got screwed up so maybe now he gets his second chance...........

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