question re: contact/Communication

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question re: contact/Communication
Thu, 08-11-2011 - 6:09am

Hi all..

I'm a little different than a military wive/gf but this is the closest type of relationship i could find.

My boyfriend of 1 year is a over the road truck driver - long haul. Normally we are in contact every day or every 2-3 days.

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Thu, 08-11-2011 - 11:37am
That's a hard situation to be in. In one hand, I'd say not hearing from him at all in almost 2 weeks seems to be like he's avoiding you and maybe it's over, but in the other hand, I would be wondering, what if something is wrong (like he was in an accident or something).

It's really up to you to decide how much longer you're willing to wait. I hope you hear from him soon so you can figure out what's going on.