Some safety and security issues for t...

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Some safety and security issues for t...
Mon, 02-10-2003 - 9:54am

Some safety and security issues for this board... Please read..

to keep your post from getting pulled.

Pulled posts usually cause hurt feelings. If your post is pulled, it's nothing personal, it may just be a violation of iVillage's Terms of Service. Let's avoid that. Please keep these things in mind:

1. If a loved one is deployed or preparing for a deployment, please DO NOT BE SPECIFIC ABOUT THE UNIT, the day of departure or the destination...etc. etc Let's practice good OPSEC here. We realize this stuff is probably plastered all over the media unfortunately, but for our sakes, please keep it off the board:)

2. Try not to be specific about your location, esp. if your loved one is deployed. Even if dh is not deployed, please keep personal information personal! We have NO idea who reads our board.

3. Please keep rumors off the board! When in doubt, ask your dh! He's the best source of information for you:)

4. Do not post chain e-mails you have received. (No matter how well intentioned the 'warnings' they contain may seem, or how legimate the online petition may appear.) They are a violation of iVillage's Terms of Service (TOS).

5. Please watch the language. Even using "%$*&" in place of a word is considered vulgarity by the Terms of Service of iVillage and the post may be pulled. If you're not sure if a certain word is "acceptable" or not, choose a different one.

Enjoy your time here!

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