Some of you may remember me......

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Some of you may remember me......
Fri, 04-04-2003 - 8:49pm
It's been a while since I've been around. That's what happens when one takes on too many projects. I've had a lot of iron's in the fire recently. But I feel I always perform better under pressure and it helps with the stress factor we all are experiencing due to our DH's extended vacations.

Well I got to go see the Commander in Chief while he gave a speech here on Thurs. Although I in retrospect should have stayed home to watch in on TV. Even though I was in line at 6am I still wasn't able to get seats in the bleachers. His speech was very inspirational and motivating, I came away reassured of my faith and even more proud then I've ever been before. Have to say it wasn't a bad way to spend a beautiful spring morning!

Here's the catching up part of my post:

Sus!!! Uggghhhh.... I really hope you are able to get through all that paperwork *cough-bs-cough*, and get over a nasty bug! And we are in the same boat.... I'm really missing my DH too. He's on my mind, like constantly! Strawberry Shortcake sends you Luvs & Hugs!

Smlltwn_Cntrygirl--- I know that sometimes it feels like cooking maybe a difficult skill, but you just need to get ahold of a cookbook that specializes in easy and basic recopies (pot roast, casseroles, easy sides ect.) and just keep practicing. One mistake that many cook make is cooking an extremely high temp. We are a society plagued by impatience. Just know that it's tastes better when cooked slowly then it does burned quickly.

Shan977, Glowrose, Kissessss, Laosgood, dscs4-

Welcome to this great corner of the web. The ladies here are some of the strongest, most caring girls ever. I feel honored and privileged to call them my friends. I hope you get to know them and we get to know you.

TKAPP- My deepest and sincerest sympathies on your little angel. May you find peace, comfort and love in the people around you. Your days may be long and the road sometimes to hard, so take your time, rest when you need, and never stop.

Well girls... what can be said after that. My heart just hurts to think of all the pain in this world. Yet I feel like it is necessary in order to see and feel the beauty and love and compassion that we are capable of.

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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 9:46pm
C'mon! You haven't been gone THAT long!

WOw. How early did people have to get there to get bleacher seats????

Good to see you.

:) Melissa

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Sat, 04-05-2003 - 12:22pm
Seal I missed you so much!!! I'm glad you feel better after the Prez's visit. Hope to talk with you again tonight.

Hugs, and more hugs,