Something That I wrote. hope you like

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Something That I wrote. hope you like
Fri, 03-28-2003 - 7:19am
I wrote this the other night in response to all the protesting I keep seeing and the fact that I never see the war rallies that I know are going on. I was told that it is good and I thought you might all like to read it. Hope you all enjoy.

Personally I am for this war. This is the right thing to do. Even the Iraqi people are for this war. There was an Iraqi man on the news last night that was THANKING the American Military for coming in and liberating Iraq. It is too bad that there are people here protesting this war.

My husband is in the military. We have multiple friends over in Iraq right now. Fighting for these protesters right to protest. That makes me sick. How are these brave men and women going to be treated when they come home? How many of those protesters have ever held a crying child while their father left? How many of them have held the hand of a military wife while she is in labor because her husband is gone? How many of them have had to get buy while their spouse is hundreds of miles away? How many of them have spent nights alone wondering where their husband is and if he is safe because you haven’t heard from them in a month? And how many of them have had to explain to their children why there are armed guards at the gate to their housing area with M-16's? How many of them have had their whole lives turned upside down because of this war? How many of them have had to be on a phone with another spouse who is watching the news right now and doesn’t yet know if her husband is one of the Marines that has been hurt or killed?

I would bet that not many of them have had any of those experiences. Personally I have had most of them. I am lucky though. My husband is home right now. But most of my friends are not so lucky. They watch the news and the protesters and wonder what they are thinking. And wonder if they really understand what they are doing. How many American lives are going to be lost because they are protesting the war? How many American lives will be lost because of Sean Penn speaking out and going to Iraq. All that does is tell the enemy that we are divided. It gives them more power to keep resisting our troops because he knows that there are people across the world that support him and the terror that he brings.

One more thing, the war has already started. Those same protesters should now be looking to see what they can do for the troops over there. Because it is those brave men and women that are fighting in Iraq that need our support. No matter how you feel about the war. Right now there is a wife, mother, father, husband, or child at home. And they are praying that their loved ones make it home safe. Right now their is a military family living with out their husband or wife. Some of which have been deployed for a year or more. The war has already started. We will finish it, and we will liberate Iraq. Lets all say a little prayer or word of thanks for those military members and their families who are giving the ultimate sacrifice so that those protesters can hold up signs against the war and make rude comments about the commander in chief of the military. I sure wouldn’t want his job.

Please remember that when you think about this war.


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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 7:38am
I think you did a wonderful job it writing that. It's very true to the heart and needs to be said. Non military people/families may not understand fully just how difficult it is for military families to go through this.

I think there is a BIG difference in supporting the war and supporting our troops and military. You don't have to support the war to support our troops and for other countries or what not to see our country so divided minda makes the US look bad on a whole (MHO). Non military peoples need to wake up and be more open!

Good job girl! Yvonne :)

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