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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 2:23am
I've posted this in here but I think it was on another topic board.

I'm originally from Indiana but living in Scotland.

My post in has been removed because they said it was "spam" do to the fact that I included a URL for a webpage my fiancee and I created to show support for the troops in the Gulf.

I am going to post it in this message and ask that you visit the site and pass the address along to anyone!

The site includes:


Discussion Forum


News Letter

Helpline Numbers

If you know of any numbers for the helplines that can be added, or want to submit things for the newsletter please email them to:

The URL is as follows:

Its a FREE site and needs NO sign up. (guest map asks for some information but it your discretion if you add the information)

Thank You and God Bless Our Troops!