Thanks for the advice and welcome backs.

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Thanks for the advice and welcome backs.
Fri, 03-28-2003 - 9:14am
I put a call into dh, but haven't heard back from him yet. I've talked to the kids and they would love to go to VA and see what its like. And yes, its me. Kristen3 from oh 2 or 3 years ago. I got so depressed when we were in NY that I stopped talking to everyone, but I'm back. We've moved to CT (the kids and I anyway.) Most of my family has moved out of CT since I've been here. We bought a house here but are trying to sell it so the kids and I can be with dh in San Diego once the ship gets transfered out there next year. Well, I guess that's enough about what I've been upto for the last couple of years.


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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 9:20am
HI Kristen!

I am glad you are back! Good luck with the trip!