Tom Cruise Comments

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Tom Cruise Comments
Wed, 11-13-2013 - 4:32pm

Have you guys heard about Tom Cruise commenting that being away from his daughter is similar to a soldier being away from family?  It happened during a deposition where Cruise is suing a tabloid over a headline that claimed he'd abandoned Suri.  From what I gather, the opposing attorney kind of lured him into the question asking if he was aware that his attorney had claimed that Tom's being away was similar to a soldier in Afghanistan being away from family.  After Tom answered, the attorney asked him if he really thought the two situations were the same and he did say no, but the comparison was still made and I guess that has some people upset.

Mark Wahlberg kind of blasted him for even going there in the first place:

Does it irritate you when you hear actors compare what they do to our troops?