Very new to this, and need advice

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Very new to this, and need advice
Tue, 08-23-2011 - 3:12am

My boyfriend worked for a big corporation after graduating college, and I thought he was happy and after a month of working for this corporation, he called me saying he wants to join the armed forces and that he quit. At first I was very shocked and wasn't sure if he had really thought about his decision because I thought the job he got hired for was his dream job ever since we started dating.

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Tue, 08-23-2011 - 10:14am
I'm assuming from your end, it's not so much that you don't support him but this is a HUGE change and you are trying to deal with it. If you two are serious and planning on getting married, this is a decision that will greatly impact your life also. There are a lot of things to discuss about your future and he should be understanding that you are going to have questions.

Did you tell him what you said here, that you were shocked and wasn't sure if he thought about this decision?

I don't think there is a lot you can do besides being totally honest with him about everything you are feeling. If you support him, that should be enough. To me, needing you to be more heartfelt about it seems like he is insecure in his decision and wants you to be his cheerleader so he feels better about it.

Good luck to you in the future. I hope everything works out the way you want it to.