This woman gives military wives a bad name

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This woman gives military wives a bad name
Wed, 11-13-2013 - 8:20am

You have to hear this to believe it...

A military wife calls in to a radio station to ask the DJ for her opinion if it's okay to have sex with someone else while her husband is deployed.  Her reasoning "It's his fault for leaving me".  

What do you  think?  Was the DJ wrong for saying what he did?  What advice would you have given her?  Do you think the husband needs to know?

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Thu, 11-14-2013 - 1:15am

First I was wondering if the call was even real, or if it was a publicity stunt for the radio station.

But assuming that it was real, then I think the DJ was wrong in his response to her, including calling her a B. What could have been a teaching moment was lowered to a childish bout of name calling. I would have calmly asked her what she said in her marriage vows to her husband, did those vows still mean anything, when she married a soldier did she realize that it would entail some personal sacrifices and that he might be gone for long periods? Would it be okay for her husband to cheat on her while deployed because 6 months without sex is a long time for him too? Try to get her to think like an adult and consider all sides of the situation. I think that could have been done in the same amount of time the DJ and caller spent saying "I can't believe you said that etc".

What would be the benefit of telling the husband? He can't do anything about it while deployed, it would just give him more personal worries when he needs to be focused on his job. When he gets home he should be told.

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Tue, 01-21-2014 - 1:28am
If the call was genuine then I think apart from being immoral, this action on the part of that woman was insensitive. If she is having second thoughts about continuing with the marriage then she must have waited for her husband to come back and had a heart to heart talk with him. She should have atleast some respect for the sacrifice her husband is making to keep the frontiers of our great country safe.