Stressful Situation...

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Stressful Situation...
Thu, 02-26-2009 - 11:18am

Hi ladies,

Well, we just found out some pretty bad news yesterday. On Ley's day off he got about four phone calls from FF's he graduated the academy with 6 years ago. Apparently the city of Hampton is being forced to dismiss a pretty significant number of men from the ten different stations and four of these guys received certified letters in the mail telling them their last day is March 11. These are not rooks, they are all FF/Medic's and make a decent amount of money in the department, the same as Ley. We are so nervous right now because there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the letting go of these guys. Last month during their meeting the fire chief assured these guys he was going to protect their jobs and the department would be the last of the jobs to suffer from the state of our economy. Apparently it isn't true.

Ley is so worried that the same is going to happen to him because they could pay the salary of two men by letting go FF's of his rank. I'm absolutely disgusted with the fire chief right now because not only did he LIE to these guys, but he sent them a LETTER in the mail instead of telling them to their faces. These are guys who lay their lives down for the job every morning when they step through those doors and I think it's completely disrespectful to honor them one minute and then not give them the decency of a face to face conversation when they are being "dismissed".

I'm so worried right now. This is his life, his passion, his dream, his identity and even though there are other stations and cities Ley has been dedicated to this city even when better paid offers have come through for surrounding areas. He has numerous medals and just found out he was getting a medal of honor today. I have had to almost bury this man once and if there is a letter coming in the mail for him I don't know how he or I will take it.

When is this economy going to TURN AROUND? When are we going to have safe cities and the ability to pay these men and let them hang out to dry because the people in our government are COMPLETELY VOID OF ANSWERS. Anyway...I just needed to let some steam out. Keep us is your thoughts/prayers/anything! Ley is worried for himself and his guys. I have already told him that whatever happens we won't give up, but we are still scared.

Newport News, Va

Love my FF/Medic ~Lynn & Ley~
Lynn Newport News, Va Love my FF/Medic ~Lynn & Ley~
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Thu, 02-26-2009 - 10:15pm

Hi Lynn,
I don't think I've introduced myself to you yet but I'm Sarah, married to Seth for 5 years, and he works for the Santa Fe FD.

What's surprising to me about this is that firefighters and police officers are vitally important to public safety, and it amazes me that they're letting a bunch of people go! My DH has told me that his department chiefs are considering retiring early because the city is threatening to take away their opportunity for paid sick leave when they retire after a certain date, but there has been no talk of forcing anyone out of the department (thankfully).

It just makes you wonder where a city's priorities lie when they're willing to get rid of their first responders... and the chief must be worried about keeping his own job. I'm keeping you in my thoughts - I can imagine how stressful this is!!


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Mon, 03-02-2009 - 12:54pm

Unfortunately, your situation is not unique.

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