*!* Welcome Wagon for sumrb24 - Summer

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*!* Welcome Wagon for sumrb24 - Summer
Thu, 02-19-2009 - 6:43pm

Hi Summer,

I'm Jami, married for almost 9 years to Don in Portland, OR.

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Fri, 02-20-2009 - 12:18pm

How fun!! I'll have to go back and check out other welcome wagons!!

Here it goes:


1. Name: Summer
2. Where are you located? Powder Springs, GA (Atlanta suburb)
3. Kids? (Names and ages) Alivia-8; Brielle-4; Mike-16(stepson); New baby on the wau (due 9/3)
4. Is this where you are originally from? If not where? Originally from Connecticut and Florida
5. How did you find Fire Fighter Wives Board? Julie told me from the Sept Expecting Board
6. Do you go to any other board? If yes, which ones Sept Expecting Club
7. When is your birthday? April 24th
8. How old are you? 28
9. Where is your favorite place to visit/vacation Any place warm!
10. What's the farthest you've traveled? California from Atlanta
11. Do you have any hobbies? Shopping, scrapbooking
12.What is your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving
13. What is your favorite season? Fall - the leaves!
14. Do you work outside the home? If yes, what type of job? Marketing Research for Georgia Pacific--buy Dixie plates!!!
15. What is your favorite color ? Pink
16. What is your favorite animal? Cats, but we have a dog
17. What is your favorite food? Restaurant? I'm pregnant so it's a little wacky right now..I'm craving Avocado but I love Carrabas
18. What is your favorite book/poem & author? Don't know...right now reading awakening to your life's purpose
19. What is your favorite TV show? American Idol and Desperate Housewives
20. What is your favorite movie? The Notebook
21. What is your least favorite thing about being a FF W/SO? Being without Mike every 3rd day for 24 hrs!
22. What is your favorite thing about being a FF W/SO? I'm proud of the work he does, very honorable
23. What would you like for us to know about you? That I'm a happy working, pregnant Mom that loves my DH
24. If you were given the board to run as “Expert of the Day” - what would the topic be? Little ways that help run your house when your a working mom and wife.


1. What’s his name: Michael
2. Age? 43
3. How long has your DH/SO been a FF? 9 yrs
4. How many stations are there? 12...although he stays at 1 pretty much
5. How many Ffs at your DH’s department A ton! We're in the biggest county in Atlanta
6. Does your FF have a second job? If yes, what or where? He owns a gym were he's a personal trainer and trains young athletes getting ready for college


1. How did you and your DH/SO meet? And how long ago was that? 1 yr ago I

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Tue, 02-24-2009 - 10:44pm


"7. When is your birthday? April 24th"

This tends to be a very special day on this board!

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Wed, 02-25-2009 - 11:44am
How funny!! Board party on 4/24!!!