Who here has done Atkins?

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Who here has done Atkins?
Thu, 09-18-2003 - 12:54pm
DH's doc recommended it for him. I know that this is not a diet that I can follow, but DH bought the book & thinks he can do it. I guess I wonder how easy is this to maintain over the long haul. After you've dropped the weight, if you start introducing carbs, even minimally, do you load the weight right back on? Is there any room for occasional treats? Any BTDT advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

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Thu, 09-18-2003 - 1:16pm
I totally forgot to post to you above when i read the post about the fatty liver and the needle (funny doctor).

Isn't janice doing Atkins? I think she mentioned she was ... although now that she's preggers she probably wont ;).

Anyways, DH tried Atkins about a year or so ago. He did it for a total of like two weeks and then stopped (basically at the end of that 'induction' phase i think it's called?). He definitely lost weight but the pounds didn't drop off like he had thought they would. I couldn't do it. My sister follows the second phase of the diet and it works for her.

I think it has a lot to do with willpower and determination. I've heard that once you condition your body for it, it's something you can follow and do. A girl on my weddings board started it last year and still follows it and loves it. It's helped her maintain her desired weight.

Joe's problem was also the no alcohol factor -- or no beer factor rather. He was also constipated in the beginning (sorry if that's TMI :) because of all the meat/cheese he was eating. MI took issue with condiments ... to make MY low-fat, tasteless foods taste better, I like to add in things and those were forbidden except in small quantities. Too tough. My girlfriend who does it hates how deprived of carbs (not necessarily sweets) she feels. She says that it makes her want to binge on bread all the time!

If his doctor is recommending it -- will he be guiding him through it?

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Thu, 09-18-2003 - 1:18pm
I know a couple of ladies who are doing it ..... I can give you the link to their board (it is not an Atkins board although I think one of them does post there) ...

My dh's best friend is doing it .... I think.


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Thu, 09-18-2003 - 1:22pm
The Dr. will not be guiding him through it. Just told him to buy the book and the cookbook. Apparently his Dr. lost 40 lbs on it and is pretty sold on it.

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Thu, 09-18-2003 - 1:28pm
Interesting -- thought he might have guided him through it.

I know it's easy to just do 'on your own'. I think DH will need a support system of some sort. I mean, I'm sure he is a lot more disciplined than I ever will be. But, I found myself having to not tempt Joe with things he couldn't have. i tried to do it with him but i just couldn't.

I did make sure we kept the fridge stocked with a variety of things he was 'allowed' and I would pack him appropriate snacks to take to work so he didn't get tempted to stop off somewhere for a burrito or something.

Ever see the ... Dateline NBC special on Atkins? This was several months ago, before Dr. Atkins died. A journalist who needed to lose weight decided to try it and it worked SO WELL for him. He got a lot of flack for it but he did it!

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Thu, 09-18-2003 - 11:21pm
I started a low carb diet last spring. I lost 20 pounds in about 3 months' time. Then I cheated a lot this summer and put on a whole 4 pounds. I've been better the last two weeks and those 4 pounds just came back off. The more I cheat, the less I lose. The less I cheat, the more I lose. Pretty basic.

A book I highly recommend: "The 30-Day Low-Carb Diet Solution" by Michael R. Eades and Mary Dan Eades. It tells you what to eat for 30 days. Menus, recipes.... (They also have a "low carb comfort food cookbook". Don't get that one. It's completely not worth it.) This couple originally wrote a book called "Protein Power" and I find their whole diet is very similar to Atkins, but with fewer restrictions. That made it much easier for me to follow.

At first, I found the diet difficult only because I was such a pasta and bread eater. I had no idea how to eat anything or cook a meal without using bread, pasta, or potatoes. So it was hard to shed the old food choice habits. And for the first day or two, I felt slightly nauseous. (Not terribly, just sort of a nusiance.) Then I noticed I wasn't hungry ALL THE TIME like I used to be. I can actually go 4-5 hours before I feel hungry! And if I eat a meal without enough protein in it, I WILL be hungry within 2 hours. It's quite interesting.

And I found some good low carb substitues for some of my favorites. Diet Rite is good. Splenda is a great sweetner. You can get low carb tortillas from a company called "La Tortilla Factory" to make roll ups. I ordered them from Netrition.com until my local store started carrying them. My local store also sells a low carb bread that is wonderful. I still cheat on potatoes sometimes because I just LOVE fried potatoes. I just try to keep the serving smallish. Lets see... what else.... Oh - if he doesn't mind drinking a shake here and there for a meal replacement, a good protein powder is a brand called "Designer Whey". I make it with a cup of water, a packet of splenda, and a splash of cream. I haven't found a wonderful pasta substitute yet, but the ones I've found are *tolerable* for when I'm really craving spaghetti. Oh, and when we go out to eat at our favorite burger joint, I get a melt sandwich they make on bread, then take off the two halves of bread that don't have the cheese and then put the remaining two halves together to make a fat little sandwich. That way I'm not sitting there eating my *burger* with a fork and knife! ;-) I never was much of a condiment person, so that didn't bother me. It's nice to eat the really good salad dressings though! (Nothing beats Hidden Valley Ranch!!)

I'd suggest following things to the letter for at least the first few weeks then introducing *cheats*. Since the weight comes off so quick right away, it keeps you VERY motivated to stay with the diet. I was doing a "good" diet and exercising an hour a day for 5-6 days a week before this. I didn't lose an ounce. I started this diet and the weight finally started coming off. I lose more when I exercise, but that went by the wayside for summer. And if I cheat, I just hop right back on the diet and the cheat doesn't seem to affect me. The only thing that puts the weight back on me quickly is alcohol. Not beer, but liquor. Not sure what that's about. I cheat and eat a piece of birthday cake at a party. I sometimes have an ice cream cone. But that's because I REFUSE to be completely anal about it. What's life to enjoy if you can't sit back and really enjoy sometimes?!?!?!?

As for cravings, I found that I felt so full after eating, I wasn't interested in snacking in between meals. And I stopped craving sweets so much. It's weird. (I'm Mel, and I'm a Chocoholic.) I do remember hitting a *wall* of sorts about 2 weeks into the diet. My mom mentioned hitting this wall too. She said it reminded her of the wall after quitting smoking. It only lasted a day or so for me. I REALLY wanted bread and stuff like that. I just kept following the diet and it never really happened again.

And so many people will say "aren't you worried about being in ketosis?". And really, I'm not. Especially once I read the difference between ketosis (that the diet puts you in) and diabetic ketoacidosis (completely different). Most people confuse the two (myself included! And I work in the medical field!) It's just a matter of understanding the science behind this.

Ask away if you have any questions or want more suggestions from me. You can even email me if you want.

Good luck to your dh!!


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Fri, 09-19-2003 - 8:48am
You are a treasure trove of info! THANK YOU! I'm going to print everything you said and share it with DH.
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Fri, 09-19-2003 - 10:42am
Hi there!! Atkins expert (kinda) here!!

Yes, Janice was doing Atkins... as well as DH. Now that I am "preggers" as Nance put it, I can't as I need more carbs etc, but if I could continue, I would.

Honestly, it's not that hard to follow once you get started. The first two weeks are the most rigorous as you weed out the carbs in your diet and change over your body chemistry. The body learns how to burn the fat that is stored instead of the fats that you eat. The fats that you eat just don't stick at that point and get processed out. Your DH will see dramatic loss in those 2 weeks (like up to 10 lb), but be sure that he's not tempted to continue that regimen for another 2 weeks to lose 20!! It clearly states that this can be a problem and will not be good for him. Once past the initial 2 weeks (induction), he needs to increase/add in some carbs to continue a more gradual weight loss. When in maintenance phase (after you have reached your goal weight), even more carbs are allowed.

It would be easier for your DH if you actually did the diet with him. You don't go hungry, and you can still go out to eat. It's not like you have to weigh everything and eat out of cardboard boxes... you are eating real foods. Anything that is allowed, you can have as much as you want. You will find that his appetite will decrease somewhat on its own and he'll have a bit more energy.

There are treats allowed on occasion... even "cheats" (typically high-carb foods that you don't normally have) after he has been on it for a while... and then go back to the regimen the next day and hold for a while. For guys, this is the perfect diet. My DH cheated ALL the time and still lost at a faster rate than I did!!! He will love this!

I think that we really don't know how many carbs we pack on in any given meal.. and then we wonder why we have trouble keeping the pounds off. This has been the EASIEST diet for me that ACTUALLY WORKED when everything else didn't... and I wasn't hungry! As soon as baby is born, you know I'll be back on it to drop my weight and get to my svelt self :)

Best of luck to your DH, and think about doing it with him. Check out www.AtkinsCenter.com for any questions or info. I think that there is an iVillage Atkins board here as well.

Janice :)

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Fri, 09-19-2003 - 1:47pm
Thank you! Reading your post was actually quite encouraging!