Please read this post first ladies .....

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Please read this post first ladies .....
Tue, 03-25-2003 - 5:17pm
Okay --- I KNOW change is hard. But please give this a chance! This system has a lot of new and cool features. SOME of them include:

1. You can still see the board as a *whole* if you click on the outline view link above. Here is a link

2. You can use the tab to the right when you first come in to check on posts *you* want to see ... some of the choices are posts to you, unread posts, posts from today, etc etc

3. When you hit *next* after opening a discussion you get to see the post in its entirity -- and not wait for it to *load*.

4. The new profile is more informative and fun -- including the option to have a little icon with your posts that represents you.

5. The board will no longer have to be *rolled* ( I think) OR get slow b/c there are so many posts

6. You can edit silly typos ;-)

7. We can still access our archives

8. You can report an inappropiate post WHILE reading the post ... there is a link right there.

THERE are a lot more great features ---- I am sure I missed tons b/c I am doing this off the top of my tired head.

So here's an idea .....

As you find something positive you like about this new system --- or some cool feature no one has mentioned post it here!

(we can create another discussion for the ahem, dislikes)

So hang in there ladies ------

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