Valentines Day!!!

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Valentines Day!!!
Mon, 02-07-2011 - 12:14pm

It's next week!!! Anybody have any plans?

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Mon, 02-07-2011 - 12:15pm

What day is it? Monday? My hubby actually has it off. And my son is old enough to babysit. Will we go out nad do anything? I don't know.

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Mon, 02-07-2011 - 4:51pm
Woohoo for hubby having V-tines day off!!!! How rare is that, LOL?

We haven't made any plans...yet. The only thing on my schedule is an orchestra rehearsal in the evening, but dh will be off to work about the same time so that won't interfere. Probably we'll have a "same old stuff" day...homeschooling and the like. And probably we'll go out to eat somewhere together. Guess I should think about gifts for the ones I love, eh?

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