Why I missing and thinking of my friend too much!

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Why I missing and thinking of my friend too much!
Tue, 03-25-2014 - 12:58pm

I know this friend of mine around a year. We’re working together part time job. We used to work together n have a very casual friendship only. We meet once a while at work and so on.Now, she got a new full time job n so she had to resign this part time job. I'm not really sad or feel big as I know friends may come n go. but recently when the last day date came near… and especially the last 2 days b4 she left (to another state for her 2 months training) I start feeling very sad abt it.

Now she's left n not allowed to use phones n internet there. Meaning I can’t even reach her at all. I know she likes me as good friend and she told me will contact me once back but i think she's normal only there. But I'm here totally distress with her thoughts. I am missing her badly n thinking of her so intensely.

I feel ‘pain’ and even crying seeing her photos n things. I feel so difficult seeing or passing by places we been together n things we did together. So I’m avoiding it.

Already 3 days and I really out of order. She’s only my friend and I don’t expect anything more than that. Now what I want is to talk to her or be with her which is not possible. I missing her so badly that I can’t fully focus in my activity. I afraid this can interupt my quality of life for another 2 months :-(

Why im feeling this way suddenly? is it normal and wat should I do to stop thinking of her? I afraid my feelings may out of control if this feelings continues. I don’t say it kinda crush but I don’t want it to be.

Pls help me to change my feelings. Pls..... :-(

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