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After your affair - ths is the right place, to share the after effects, the feelings and thoughts that arrive after the affair. Some are well into NC, some maintain a friendship and all of us struggle sometimes. It is a place filled with wonderful caring people.
MAS - my affair support, looking for support it is a place to talk about the affair, without fear of judgement.
All sides of an affair - is an affair debate board.
EAS - when you want to let go, maintain no MC, it is a healthy dose of tough love, given by caring people.
Many people read all the boards and offer support where they can. Just read each boards guidelines. Welcome to after your affair.
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Hi Lia. It is fine to post in either place. I post both places as you know. There are fewer rules and guidelines here so you can post pretty much whatever you want and get advice or support. EAS has more traffic so if you are looking for more immediate responses you may want to post there.
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Hey Lia,

What they said. :)

If you still have questions, ask away.



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What does EAS stand for?
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Ending Affair Support




Whether you think you can or you think you can't you are probably right. A parrot can repeat what it has learned but the mark of true intelligence is applying what is learned.

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