I'm NOT a failure! And similar ephiphanies brought on by palm trees and well, time

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I'm NOT a failure! And similar ephiphanies brought on by palm trees and well, time
Thu, 03-22-2012 - 8:36am

Hi Kim

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Aww, Emma baby.

You know that I have always believed in you, sweet pea. I knew that you had all of this (and more!) right there inside of you, just waiting to bust out.

I am so, SO happy that now, you know it too. :)

You are a superstar.

We all are.

Big smooches for ya honey,



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Emma, I wanted to respond to this awesome, funny, inspiring post earlier but the day has just gotten away from me again (advantages: little time to think about xAP) and niw I am rushing off again.
Keep rocking it girlie! :)
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I don't know who the heck you are girl...but BRAVA for this incredible post!

You tickled my funny bone when said you flunked NC 9 times. As long as you "passed" is all that counts.

I appreciated your candor, humility and honesty. But mostly was your statement about holding ones self accountable and responsible for their own life. Music to my ears.


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What a great post. You are an amazing wonderful woman and I am glad you are seeing that. And yes I DO feel like I've kicked some hind. :)

Much love,

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I love this post, and I don't even know you, but think I love you too :)

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Awww shucks sweetie pies...thanks! Progression, Kim, Lulu, Withclarity...love your warm responses!! Means so much to me you took the time to read and respond and gave me a cyber high five. Nothing like being recognized by those who KNOW, right? Just makes me feel so happy and so validated. :heart:

Hope everyone had a super duper weekend.