Is it time?

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Is it time?
Sun, 07-08-2012 - 1:31pm

Time for a who's here thread?  Is it?  I think it is.  :smileyhappy:


Who's here?

What's your story/status?

Where else do you hang out in the village?

What are you reading?





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Sat, 07-28-2012 - 3:23pm

Secret here.  You know I can’t resist you Kim.


My story is too long but after 5ish year A with an old flame/very close friend. Both of us were married. Things went nuclear exactly this time 6 years ago.  I was always in love with him but it was unreciprocated and strictly PA on his part…until as he said it “the spell was broken” and he was suddenly in love with me too.  Things got really crazy then, as some of you who were with me on MAS know all too well.  D-day was six years ago this fall.  We have been together ever since.  We’ve been married for almost 3 years, and have a 4 year old daughter (that being backwards was not our choice…his ex would not consent to D and it took almost 3 years).  I have 2 boys from my previous M and he has a boy from his prior M too.  I am now a stay at home mom to 4…quit my full time job after our daughter was born.  Things are good…if you saw us on the street with our kids I doubt you would guess our scandalous origins.

 xo right back Kim and everyone.

I have been on this board since it was created by our dear Shadowz. (hey, if you still lurk Shad, miss you and think of you often), before that it was MAS.  Occasionally go to Parenting boards and MSMW since many of my old buddies from these boards post there too. 


Reading?  Mostly Dr. Suess and weird news stories about Goatmen.  I actually very much enjoy New York Times Disunion Series, which follows the Civil War as it happened 150 years ago.  Fascinating stuff. (My HS history teacher would be so proud of me)  The last book I read is probably Steinbeck’s East of Eden which (like “Gatsby”) I read often because it is so beautifully written.  I have not read 50 Shades of Grey…not much into soft porn…I go right for the hard stuff :smileywink:


Have to say, as always, how grateful I am for the dear friends I have made on this board and MAS, who were (and are) always there to save me on my darkest days.  I would not have made it through this without you. 



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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 7:15pm
Secret my love,

Lovely to see you, as always. I know we keep up with each other (and with Goatmen) elsewhere - but it's still always so nice to see you pop in here. :smileyhappy:

I'm glad that things are good. And you know I always smile for you, and for the rest of our old friends, to hear that simple word: "good".

Giant hugs and kisses, my friend.