Would you fire a woman, who has a public position, for being unfaithful to her husband?

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Would you fire a woman, who has a public position, for being unfaithful to her husband?
Wed, 08-01-2012 - 1:31pm

Yesterday national news broke loose in my country when it was discovered that a lady who has a public position in the current country’s administration, made a erotic video for her alleged lover and the video was published on the internet and the country’s s president (who is a lady) fired her without giving her a chance to defend herself and this lady believed that she will have full support from the president because she is a woman but she did not get that so the victim is very disappointing on the president


The president says that since she is a public image and her position is Vice secretary of sports, youth and culture, she will have no credibility to represent that position and due for her reputation as a public figure, even if that video was done in private on her private time off work.


The thing was this, according to the victim, she made that video 4 yrs ago, when she was separating temporarily from her husband (who also has a public position in the current administration) and she admitted she had a lover at that time, even if she was not officially divorced but was separating. But after maybe she broke up with the lover or something happened with their relationship she went back to her husband, according to her own words.


The video itself describes her alone in bed, she set up a webcamera, she was in bra and in panties and she was addressing the video to her lover. In the video she was saying things to her lover such as “ I have never done this before but you are making me do it (taping a video),  another line said “ all of what you see here is yours and all the things she will do to him”, plus other sensual words she address to her lover. The worst part of this was, that she made this video wearing still her wedding ring and you can see the ring and her face very clearly. I guess she was asking her lover to be back with her for her words.


The news says that her husband hired a IT engineer to put cameras on their house, it is not said if the husband was suspecting of her already or why the reason for installing cameras in the house, could be also due to for protecting from thieves in the neighborhood as it is normal houses have cameras for protection and the IT engineer found and stole that video from the house and started to blackmail the lady ever since that means since 4 yrs ago when the video was done and the lady paid the guy all these years  in order not to release the video, but there was a time the lady stop paying and that is where the guy published the video on the internet these days.


 It seems the husband was not aware of her wife making that video or that she was unfaithful until these past days, when he saw the video on the internet and due to that he end up in the hospital with a heart crisis. Some citizens around the country says how come the husband never knew of her wife affair, that is very odd, but most will give him the benefit of the doubt on this. The news says that the lady was even stalking her lover after the video and used to call him repeatedly and the lover sued her for that.  My guess is that she and the lover call it off and she wanted him back.


Now in the country, people have 2 sides of opinions, those who back the lady up saying that she did that 4 yrs ago on her intimate and private time and that has anything to do with her public position and her duties as Vice-secretary, since it was done in her private time off work, also the people who support her, say that she was a victim in all this because her intimacy was stolen, because she never knew that video was stolen and for that she was blackmailed and that IT engineer is a douche bag , moron, disgraceful guy  for blackmailing her and also the people who support her are disappointing with the country’s president because instead of supporting the lady and being by her side, agreeing that she was a victim, instead she fired her without her giving a chance to defend and explain how the things happened and how can the president did that. Also the presidents; critics say that is not fair there are many white collar bad guys in the country and they are never punished and this lady because is a woman and did that in her private life, the president did  not give her the support she needed.


The ones who do not support her, says that the country’s president did good by firing her because now that the video was out, she lost all the credibility as a public figure and her image as a public person since she works for the government was tarnished, even more because she was still married when that video was done and also these incident is all over the internet already even outside the country.


On a side note, if this incident would have happened in theUSA, I bet this lady would have hired Gloria Allred immediately!! LOL!!!!!

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I believe this is the video in question:


The incident has very little to do with affair, rather, it showed very poor judgment on her part.  Even thought the video was made before she became a junior level minister, she was still married (temporarily separated, but still married) to a congressman.  It simply doesn't seem too intelligent to create all sorts "evidence" of an affair and not keeping them in a secured place.  When she got back with her husband, the logical thing to do is destroy the video all together.

If I were in charge, I would have fired her, too.  Not for having an affair, but for being stupid.