Picking the brain of the OW and OM :)

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Picking the brain of the OW and OM :)
Wed, 11-02-2011 - 11:11pm

This is for the

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Thu, 11-03-2011 - 12:17pm

I am a mw in my A for approx 1 yr, and my ap has told me that him and his w haven't had sex for approx 3 years (though for a while other forms of release where offered).

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Thu, 11-03-2011 - 5:26pm

Deep down in your soul, do you honestly believe that your MM or MW

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Tue, 11-08-2011 - 5:02pm
My xAP told me that he had scarcely had sex with his W for four years because he found her body unattractive after childbirth (That one sentence should have been all I needed to know to run like he!l, but in my f'ed up delusional state I thought it was a compliment to me and a reasonable justification for him to be having an A. Go figure.) He told me that the last time was 4 months before we met, and before that another six months or so. When I eventually met his W she was stunningly beautiful, funny, warm, and engaging, Nothing like the fat frigid cow he had made her out to be.

Yes, I was jealous for a while. Not so much about the sex - as he said they weren't having any - but over holidays they took together, dinners they enjoyed with mutual friends, events they attended, plans they made for their future. Now I just feel sad for her that she lives with a man who is so willing to betray her and her children (I had a d-day, he didn't) and I feel overwhelmingly grateful for my H's honesty, loyalty, patience, forgiveness and love.

I really don't know whether or not he was lying about his sex life and, quite frankly, it's none of my business. Knowing how well and how easily he lied to his W in order to spend time with me, it seems entirely probable that he also lied to me in order to try and get what he wanted.