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Mon, 01-28-2013 - 12:03am

Let's try this post again. (previous one was are by the new message boards!) I would say for me the first couple weeks were complete shell shocked moments for me. Every step I made was in fear of stepping on another land mine. After all everything in the world you thought you knew, was a lie. But of course everyone is different. I will strongly suggest to you that you go see your doctor if you haven't yet. Get some meds. They are a life line to sanity. Especially if you feel that right now you are not able to take care of the kids properly. You also need to get your STD check. I was paranoid about that for a long time, but slowly got better as results came in.
Good luck. I know it sucks, but time will heal this for you too. Hugs.

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Wed, 01-30-2013 - 5:16pm

Thanks.  What's up with the message boards?  Ug.  I typed out my story this morning and it was eaten... what a waste of time and emotional outpouring.  I'll type it again when I'm up to it.

I have seen my doctor, and was ALREADY on meds for an anxiety disorder.  Prozac and Xanax- I used to be a housebound agoraphobic.  But it's been well maintained for several years with my meds.  I did see my doctor, and he didn't want to increase my dosages or anything because I was doing so well before this all happend, and he feels like my reactions are totally normal.  They have pain pills for physical pain, but nothing for emotional pain except for "time."  That just sucks.  I need a brain hydrocodone...  We even saw a marriage counselor... but it was an hour of akward silences- my husband sat in the corner like a whipped puppy, and the advice he gave us was "Be nice to eachother."  To which I replied... "Fuck that."  So we are now looking for another counselor.  He wasn't the right one for us.  I will get through this, but I don't know if "we" will.