Has the OW contacted YOU the BS

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Has the OW contacted YOU the BS
Tue, 07-31-2012 - 5:27pm

It was the OW's husband that blew the affair wide open and informed me.  (I won't repeat my preivous posts), after everything came out and my fiancee admitted everything, the OW began texting me, said she never meant for me to get hurt, etc etc.  Said how I had to think about my kids, and that she won't be the last woman in fiancee's life, and she's right, I will be :smileyvery-happy: (too bad I didn't think of this line when she said it) anyway after she then told me I was the winner because he told her it was over, and he was done with her, she said she would leave me alone, that was on the 21/22 of July.  Yesterday I get a text from her that said "HEY" WTH?  I have nothing to say to her, but I took the high road and I did not respond and then I blocked her, but WTH is that all about. Hey like we are gonna be friends or something, I think not.