He flinched....

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He flinched....
Wed, 04-01-2009 - 5:26pm

Hi... totally new to this so please bear with me. I have had suspicions for a long time about my husband possibly cheating. He had an emotional affair while I was pregnant in 2005. Though he never admitted it... I talked to a girl in his office and learned what was going on. Anyway... we've not been connecting physically for awhile now... I'd like to just blame it on having a three year old. On the surface, we seem to get along. He makes snarky comments now and then about a lack of sex.... but its not like I ever get any affection from him. No hugs. Obligatory good-bye pecks. No real affection. So... early this morning... after pretty much sleeping in my 3 y/o bed, I slipped into bed with him and reached over and ... he flinched! It wasn't that I woke him up because he said something to me about how early it was when I came in! He flinched when I reached over to touch him - put my arm around him. He flinched! It may seem like something small... but it seems pretty big to me. The night before, we were joking about something concerning my boss. I made a comment about how "I give my boss my patience... but I give you (H) my love." And he said, totally serious, "where's the love?" And I asked what that was supposed to mean and he just looked at me with a blank look. End of conversation. I welcome anyone's thoughts about this.

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Wed, 04-01-2009 - 7:30pm


Your suspicions may be correct but don't go there quite yet.

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Wed, 04-01-2009 - 11:49pm

Whether he's fooling around or not, it sounds like he may be creating a little list of complaints to "use" as he sees fit.


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Fri, 04-03-2009 - 2:12pm

I don't know if he is having an affair just yet.


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