Husband Myspace Status is SINGLE

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Husband Myspace Status is SINGLE
Wed, 01-20-2010 - 5:30pm

Hi Guys,

Thanks alot for all that you share on this message board.
My husband status on myspace is SINGLE.we have been together 4 yrs, he is 37, am 29, he is the only one earning right now i am studying. What do you guys think? Should i let him change it. He is already the type that is always hunting to have 1 night stands. I have never caught him but i have evidence of text and phonecalls from other women. He never admitted to cheating. I talked to him he said he will go to counseling and want the marriage. I also know that he will never tell the truth at the councillor office because he knows how crazy i can get. I really love him. I want our marriage to work. He is a very nice person except for those sneaky attitudes. What do i do?