I can't believe what an a## he is

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I can't believe what an a## he is
Mon, 12-05-2011 - 10:29pm
3 weeks ago tonight was d day. One text saying I'm sorry and nothing else. Last week he told me he was going to go out of town this weekend. How can he be so blatant? told ms at some point nine of this seems as urgent since it's out there now. I told him I was not giving him permission to go see her. He just told me he's telling the kids tomorrow that he's going to be gone for the weekend. I couldn't say anything but I am seething, I have decided I can't do anything until after the holidays but that is a kong time away. He thinks I'm just going to sit here and put up with it but i'm not, just getting my ducks in a row. I have never experienced so much shame and hurt in ,y life from someone I would have told you 4months ago was my best friend,
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Mon, 12-05-2011 - 11:15pm
Sad- there is nothing pretty about aftermath of an affair. But I want to tell you this. When I first read your posts, you sounded like a very lost, fragile and devastated person fearful of what the next day will bring. Today I read a post from a woman who sounds stronger, much more self assured with determination. Next week you may again feel devastation but it will lessen in very small increments over time. Like you, my anger was my "fuel." the angry days were when I was the most productive.

Like we have been telling you, YOU are the person you can control. You have to plan knowing he may or may not be there beside you. You need you and your children depend on their momma to make everything right in their world. Real life has to go on. If your husband chooses fantasy land, so be it.

I am very very sorry Sad. Sorry he is blinded, misguided, the air will clear one day. Just keep focusing on you and what you want out of this life. You deserve the moon. Take care!
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You need to set your goals for your kids.