I have no self esteem left

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I have no self esteem left
Sun, 07-04-2010 - 7:07am

We go to counseling and I hear all about how I shouldn't get angry.

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Sun, 07-04-2010 - 12:23pm

I am so sorry for your pain.

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Sun, 07-04-2010 - 1:02pm
maybe you need a better counselor
sometimes you need to get angry
what have you done so bad?
if he is putting so much time and energy into this other woman it is NOT all in your head
I would not go back to that counselor at all
the man you want does not exist - this is not the man you thought he was
if you are needy he will walk all over you
you need to be strong and take care of yourself
he is dating other women and thinks that he can have you at any time, you are no challenge to him - you are a given
take it away - be there for yourself - cut this cancer out of your emotional body (him) do not settle for anything less than you deserve
teach him how to treat you - with respect
peace and strength to you
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Sun, 07-04-2010 - 2:21pm
He's playing you.


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Tue, 07-06-2010 - 10:23pm

Hi spruce,

Your H has spouted everything from the 'cheaters manual'!! They all say the same things. I think if they somehow can explain away their bad choices and lack of empathy by blaming the BS they somehow feel better themselves. Your H is just like my ex H--he never admitted what he did or had remorse. Maybe he thinks since you filed for divorce he will just keep the OW around so he isn't alone when you move on in a POSITIVE direction with your life--away from Him!

I'm sorry you are in such pain. I recommend you just let your stbx live in his own fantasy and work every day and every minute to rebuild yourself. You are a valuable person who deserves love and compassion not being treated horribly by a turd! My ex H was given a very appropriate moniker by a wonderful poster when I was going through what you are going through now. She called him King Turd! Oh so appropriate! Feel free to use it;)

These WS's know how to ring our bells so to speak. It is extremely hard, I know, but just don't give him the satisfaction of showing how what he says affects you. It drives them crazy!

Hang in there!
hugs, Ollie