Loss of energy???

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Loss of energy???
Thu, 01-29-2009 - 1:23pm

Just a dumb question..I have been running for about 4 weeks now and I was wondering if anyone has just lost their "energy". I got the girls off to school today, hit the office and then checked on my projects.

I am sitting in my home office and its like someone has just drained all of the energy out my body. I am tired but it feels "different".

Am I loosing it?


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Thu, 01-29-2009 - 1:52pm
You are understandable depressed.
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Thu, 01-29-2009 - 1:53pm


I think this is just your bodies way of saying it has reached its limit! You really have been through alot. I have been following your posts.

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Thu, 01-29-2009 - 2:18pm

Thanks..It is like someone ripped my heart out and then torched it....


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Thu, 01-29-2009 - 3:06pm

You are probably physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fatigued.

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Thu, 01-29-2009 - 3:09pm
No. Hang in there. The emotional rollercoaster is taking its toll.
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Thu, 01-29-2009 - 4:24pm

Think about everything you have been through and it is amazing you aren't a zombie right now. It really sounds like you are on the verge of collapse and maybe it would be a good thing to take a break. This weekend, take your girls and do something fun, or you do something for your self that will feed your soul. You are mentally, emotionally, and physically running on nothing and in order to keep going, and to stay healthy, you have to make sure you recharge when you can.

I think it was Pater who advised you that now is a good time to put yourself on a healthy regimen of eating and exercising and it is excellent advise. DH and I are doing Body for Life and DH who has competed in dead lifting and has been in Karate for most of his life says it is one of the best programs around. It is a little something you spend an hour a day doing completely for yourself and right now you need that as much as you need a lawyer.

So, listen to your body and give yourself a break. What you are going through is horrible, but you will get through it.

A question about the car. Have you reported it as stolen?

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Fri, 01-30-2009 - 2:23am
You're not losing it.


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Fri, 01-30-2009 - 10:14am

Unfortunately, this feeling is pretty normal.

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Fri, 01-30-2009 - 10:25am

First Aid for the Betrayed by Richard Alan is the book
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Fri, 01-30-2009 - 12:43pm