Not again.....

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Not again.....
Thu, 05-16-2013 - 10:49pm

You know, companies that make toilet paper, makeup, you name it - they all just keep improving and improving and improving things all the time.  Usually we don't even notice the improvements.  I am a long-time user of iV but I swear I am just about ready to go elsewhere.  Once again they have changed things around and it's harder than ever to reach the few boards I am still using.  Now you have to scan thru the entire list, in the past at least you could click on "relationship problems" and that section of boards opened up to pick and choose from.  Now all I've been able to do today is reach a very long list of boards to wade thru before even finding the category I use pretty regularly.  I don't understand who thinks these changes improve things, this change is really bizarre.  Improvements should make it easier.  I just don't get it, are they trying to put an end to the boards?  Is that what's been going on?  I'm just baffled this time around.  I've enjoyed participating, getting help and hopefully helping others thru the years.  I hope they get it right this time because I'm about out of steam hoping for that to happen.


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Thu, 05-16-2013 - 11:51pm

I wonder if the powers that be want there to be a successful board at all I can't even get a post to finish nor get the font size to stick where i want it.   Nbc Has a reputation of killing off programming the higher offs don't like. 


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Fri, 05-17-2013 - 12:50am

It just took me 4 tries to sign in!  When I started on iVillage 13 years ago, it was popular, busy, informative and helpful.  As you said, you can't even find the boards you want without searching for a half hour.  It used to be laid out very simply.  Each post on a board was there.....title and author, below it and indented 5 spaces were the replies.......title and author had to click on it to open it.  Very simple.  Every so often they "improve": it again, and they're going to improve it right off the internet soon.

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Fri, 05-17-2013 - 5:26am
Yup. It's horrible. I used to come here daily and now maybe once aweek or two. it is such a pain as half the iv won't let me log on or anything. The number of posts have dropped dramatically. Lon. g time posters are gone, so it seems
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Fri, 05-17-2013 - 8:58am

yesterday, it was doing crazy stuff, as if the code was jacked up or something.  I remember how these boards were about 10 years ago and that format was really easy to use. This one they have now is just silly.  I've gone over to enotalone d com; they seem to be quite active and have a range of boards there; plus guys are well represented there, too.  It's not vicious like askmen--it's very respectful and the people so far seem to be quite nice.  It seems these boards are going the way of the msn boards, which were really active for quite a while and then they decided to stop having message boards and turned everyone out. Don't know where most of them went.

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Fri, 05-17-2013 - 11:10am

For the past 2 days I could not log on at work so maybe the site was undergoing some maintenance since today seems to be better--I could actualy sign in the first time instead of having to do it 5x before I could log on.

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Tue, 05-21-2013 - 11:58am

I've always accessed iVillage thru I tried 5 times to sign in, I contacted them and told them what I think about iVillage these days......and suggested that iVillage is going down the tubes the same way NBC is!  They're 4 in the Network ratings.......and unless you like gory murder, vampires, freaky fantasy, and end of the world stories.......they're going to go down further.  Oh, and "the Mistresses".........maybe they could blend that somehow with the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows........Just what the teens of today need to see!