Update to photos sent to gmail :(

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Update to photos sent to gmail :(
Sun, 12-29-2013 - 10:16am

I was right..I found BF on a dating website.  Those pics that were sent to his gmail…unbelievable…

He has a profile with those pics….Stated that he is single and has already 20 female friends on his page…Stated he is from the area that he does business in….

Anyway I was right.  It has to be over…He doesn’t know I know yet.  Supposed to pick him up from airport on new years…

Any advice is appreciated…do I text it over? Call?

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Sun, 12-29-2013 - 11:55am

I'm sorry that this happened--I guess you really have to go with your gut instincts.  I think I'd call--and probably tell him he can find another ride home from the airport.

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Sun, 12-29-2013 - 12:53pm

I'd probably call him and hear his reaction. You also need to find out whether he's been meeting any of these women when he's traveling and if you need to go get checked, if you know what I mean. And if he is cheating he will probably not fess up so I'd still go get checked anyhow. And yes I'd tell him to find another ride home. I'm so sorry you have to go thru this again.

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Sun, 12-29-2013 - 2:06pm

This was opened a month ago….This is his profile:

Jim C,

50, Male, single

South Carolina (Mind you he lives in Boston)

“I work full time as a contractor from Boston, MA on vacation right now in SC enjoying the beach and looking for friends to talk to.”

The fact that he is writing that he is looking for friends….the fact that he is stating that he is single..I am so confused..have not talked to him yet

Now mind you, I asked him about this twice (I told him someone thought they saw his profile on a dating website) he denied it over and over again.  I brought it up again the other day as I told him that he is crazy to throw our relationship away for some stranger on dating website.  He once again denied it, saying “I told you I was not on it…..I told you that before and you don’t listen!”

Please help L

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Sun, 12-29-2013 - 4:59pm
If this profile was on a dating website and one that was opened just a month ago, then that's all you need to know. In my opinion you don't look for "just friends" on a dating website. Sorry, but I smell a rat here. And again, sorry you have to deal with this BS again.
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Mon, 12-30-2013 - 12:51am

One way to tell him is to sign up on the dating site and tell him there that you won't be picking him up at the airport because he's a cheating scumbag liar. At least then he won't try to deny that he's on the site.

Seriously, I don't know how you should tell him. It depends on if you want to talk to him about it or not. I don't think there can be any "closure" in a situation like this. There's nothing that he can say that will satisfy your questions.

At least you have a couple of days to figure out the logistics. If he moved in to your place, then haul his stuff to the porch or curb on the 1st. Or maybe you need to clear out of his place? I hope that you two are not stuck in a lease together.

Really sorry that you were right about what was going on, and that you have to go through it again.