VERY suspicious

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VERY suspicious
Mon, 05-04-2009 - 2:46pm

I can't shake the feeling that there is STILL something going on with him and the OW. He told her NO CONTACT and he said she was REALLY angry's that gut feeling that speaks so much louder than words. He answers too quickly when I ask if he has heard from her. If it's true I am done. OMG I hate this feeling.


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Mon, 05-04-2009 - 3:15pm

I'm so sorry selkiescot,

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Mon, 05-04-2009 - 10:32pm

Selkie, I know that feeling so well and I hope and pray that it's not true in your case.

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Tue, 05-05-2009 - 12:54am

You are right to be on guard, that little voice stays silent until something makes it act up, your doubts are not just coming out of nowhere.


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Tue, 05-05-2009 - 9:48am
I had the same thing.

"If something cannot go on forever, it will stop."  Herb Stein

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Wed, 05-06-2009 - 7:18am
I've had