What do I do with this?

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What do I do with this?
Wed, 07-15-2009 - 1:07pm
I was on
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Wed, 07-15-2009 - 7:06pm
Your H's goddaughter is a mess-dating a 13-year-old?
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Thu, 07-16-2009 - 2:39pm

while i applaud your strength in laying down ground rules, i am thinking that he was so upset over what he found that he simply reacted in calling her.

i do not believe he meant to betray your trust, i think he was just acting out of anger.

perhaps the 2 of you could talk this evening, and 'communicate' about what happened. i am NOT making excuses here, but i am sure in his 'man' mind he did not realize he was breaching a promise.