Would love some opinions.

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Would love some opinions.
Sun, 08-19-2012 - 10:04pm

I live in a small town. My husband was a widower when I met him. Everyone in this town loved his late wife to pieces. Needless to say it has been tough making friends. Add on top of it the affairs and rumours...grrr...

Anyway, we have always shown cattle at the county fair...or i should say our kids did. my husband loves the fair and the cattle showing. Our kids are all to old this year and we had heard thru some friends about a family who lives in town and wants their kids to be involved in 4-H and showing animals. So we allowed these peoples son to come out all summer and help with a steer and heifer to show this year. He is no problem. The problem would be the mother of this kid.

She apparently is lonely cuz her husband works out of town and is only home on week-ends. it started out slowly and now she has a full blown crush on my husband and no longer hides it. She follows him everywhere. She finds any and every reason to come to our house EVERYDAY. The minute she gets here she runs to where ever he is and wont leave him alone. I know he is not interested and gets panic stricken every time they pull in cuz he knows that at the end of the night I will be upset.

I have told him that really soon I am gonna blow on her. I dont want to do it with her kids there..but I am about done with this. I told him that rather then ME look like the insecure wife that it is HIS duty to tell her when she follows him somewhere that.."look, I have done some things that hurt my wife and she is going to wonder why you always follow me around. This is inappropriate and you need to stop".

I dont want to let loose on her and then have go around town telling everyone that this is about me and my insecurities.

Should I be the one to tell her? I would love some opinions. Even tho the fair ended last week-end she has been here with her two kids everynight since. Never in the house with me...ALWAYS outside with him.

They are in my view...he will not go anywhere when she is here that I cant see them. He makes a point of it...that and hugging on me, kissing me and saying he loves me in front of her.

I didnt make myself insecure. His stupidity did in the past...I want him to handle this. 


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Mon, 08-20-2012 - 1:55pm
No you shouldn't be the one to tell her. It is up to him to uphold the foundries of your marriage on his end. It sounds like he is lucky you are still around, as you spoke of past affairs.